A consciously curated wellness space that houses a variety of holistic services including flower essence treatments, biomagnetic therapy, technology, yoga, healing workshops, and more

We simply seek to change lives.

Mariana Ito- Owner - SOMOS

Ongoing At SOMOS

Yoga & Holistic Wellness


We offer a wide selection of classes that are accessible to students of all ages and skill levels. Classes range from yoga and pilates to cooking and dance. All of our classes are led by an array of friendly and experienced teachers.


All of our professional healers each specialize in a variety of practices including , biomagnetic therapy, and flower essence treatments. We take pride in housing some of the top practitioners in the South Bay.


In addition to our regular classes and services, we also host an assortment of workshops led by teachers from all around the world. These educational workshops are meant to improve your experience and enlighten your personal journey.

March 10

Festival of Life - Embrace the Seasons

Somos Life, your community wellness center! Check out our beautiful space where we provide a space for health, knowledge and community. We believe in caring for the mind, body and spirit with effective, alternative practices. Join our Somos community where you will be cared for and connected with others!

Come learn about the different holistic treatments we offer and even receive free sample treatments from our skilled therapists! We will have different speakers and treatments on: Flower Essences Ayurveda Bio Magnetics Yoga

Holistic Community

August 2019 Dive into Flower Essences

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